Ceia Launch EMA Bottle and Liquid Scanner

  • Published on: 10 January 2013
  • By: Admin

As security becomes ever more present in people lives naturally legislation regarding the application of that security will be drafted. One reason given for this is that it will protect us from unscrupulous and potentially dangerous practices, whilst at the same time allowing a dissemination of best practice. Another reason given is that when security is debated within the public domain it increases public awareness of the issues, which has effects on intelligence, policing strategies and media relations, though whether these effects are positive or negative is hotly contended. Whatever happens though the government must be shown to at least be taking an interest in a topic that can have such shocking and violent effects upon its populous? One result of government legislation is the liquid explosives detector, a device which can scan a bottle, jar or can of liquids, aerosols, pastes and gels to determine if it is a threat or not.

This was developed as a response to the ban on liquids and the like, in anticipation that the ban would be lifted and at that time the requirement to scan those items would arise. This is an excellent example of the driving force that legislation can have on supply, pushing for the provision of new technologies where previously there may not have been an appetite to provide the technology without the certainty of a market.