Since inception Detectnology have developed a longstanding relationship with a wide spectrum of clients from the following industries and sectors below.

From exhibitions to conferences, from night clubs to corporate events, from Government facilities to private property, Detectnology keeps the unforeseen at bay. Interruptions and interference can be inconvenient and costly. Detectnology's expertise in specialised security equipment will help keep your operations running smoothly, whatever your line of business.

Airports & Transport Hubs

Airport & Transport Hubs

We are proudly associated with the sectors most regulated and industry approved security screening devices, operational throughout most Airports and Transport Hubs today. Detectnology can supply, support and maintain existing equipment asset management as well as the latest technological advancements.

Prison Service

Prisons & Asylum Centres

Detectnology specialises in the Planned Preventative Maintenance programs for all correctional facilities and their associated asset management, retaining extensive protected records and ensuring key performance indicator (KPI´s) are always met regardless of the challenges thrust upon them.

Security Services Companies

Security Operative

Detectnology are recognised and authorised suppliers to the private security sector, having extensive experience in supporting company communications, surveillance and detection requirements.

Power Companies

Power Companies

Power Companies

Retail Parks

Retail Parks &  Shopping

Detectnology have been supplying the retail sector with many products & services according to individual and specific requirements, from body worn camera surveillance to people screening devices & explosive detectors, in order to keep the unforeseen at bay and endeavour to eradicate any potential threats.

Law Courts Service

Law Courts

With a wealth of experience providing products and maintenance to the country´s Judicial estates, extending to in excess of 20 years, Detectnology ensures all security screening devices remain fully operational at all times and a backup support unrivaled by any other security service provider.

Warehouse/Distribution Centres

Warehouse Postal Distribution Centres

Detectnology has extensively advised and supplied the nations Logistic companies with people screening equipment in order to reduce, even eradicate internal theft and potential operational losses.

Banking & Finance Sector

Banks & Financial Institutes

From screening daily mail to patrons attending AGM´s & Institutions HQ´s, Detectnology has all the solutions to ensure the financial world remains fully operational and functional without any unforeseen and avoidable disruptions.


Sporting Events & Arenas

Sporting Events & Arenas

From facilitating site survey & advisory services to implementing comprehensive people screening equipment, integral surveillance & communications, whether for hire or purchase, Detectnology has accumulated a wealth of experience with outdoor social and sporting events.

Police Forces

Police Forces

Working along side many forces throughout the UK, and Ireland, Detectnology has supplied countless screening devices and advisory services in order to assist, support and eradicate potential threats and attacks on their respective local communities and the general public.

Social Events & Functions

Exhibitions & Events

There has been an increased onus of late over the importance of security and screening surrounding events and social gatherings, Detectnology offer the ability to purchase or hire security equipment for your venue.

Educational Institutes

Educational Institutes

As our educational facilities become vulnerable to unsociable pupil behaviours Detectnology has the knowledge and capability to eradicate potential delinquent weaponry threat as well as mobile phone/illicit contraband entering in to our schooling.