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International Event Security Equipment Clients

Whilst the world has encountered the most unprecedented times over the past 2 years, laden with adversity and uncertainty, did the gradual ease of the pandemic restrictions generate the busiest rental period Detectnology has ever encountered.

In April 2021 Detectnology was instructed to facilitate as well as logistically supply all screening equipment required for The Eurovision Song Contest being hosted in Rotterdam, and as soon as our transportations were on route to deploy the machinery, were we then contractually assigned The G7 Summit being accommodated in Cornwall, therefore once our commitments expired in Rotterdam, did the rental fleet return & with the quickest of turnarounds, before even further comprehensive screening equipment was incorporated in addition of, & simultaneously delivered to The G7. From thereon in, further traction was organically gathered, with having been commended for such a professional deployment well done in Cornwall, were we then assigned the overwhelming complexity of supplying all ‘people’ and ‘baggage’ screening devices to COP26, Glasgow, whilst carrying out all of our other rental commitments leading to our arrival into Scotland. Whilst the challenges we faced during the Conference were somewhat immense, intense and exhaustive, in terms of human resource demands, adverse weather conditions, unforeseen applications with quick response solutions being a necessity, we were proud to receive the commendations from UN officials, the nation’s police forces in attendance, as well as countless countries delegates, for our recognised dedication, commitment and dependability to the job in hand. Once COP26 came to an successful end, were we then given literally days to logistically retrieve arguably the largest rental equipment asset array the country has seen in years, and then simultaneously provide the screening provisions for the secondary G7 Summit, being hosted in Liverpool, therefore 2021, whilst faced with many challenges and with limited notice, it was and without questionable doubt, the most buoyant year for short term rental commitments Detectnology has experienced throughout a 32 year trading history. With that said, it is now seemingly possible for no easing up on the volume of rental enquiries as well as quantities of equipment commitments forecasted during 2022, as already the largest hire fleet throughout the nation is at full deployment capacity during certain times of the year.

Detectnology, whether for short term requirements incorporating rapid response or long term screening solutions, our comprehensive rental fleet with continual growth and expansion, is always available to serve the nation.