LSR-M2 Liquid Detector

  • LSR-M2 Liquid Detector
  • LSR-M2 Liquid Detector
  • LSR-M2 Liquid Detector

The LSR-M2 Liquid Detector from Kumahira is the latest innovative Detection system from Japan, not only is this device cost effective, compact and light weight, its screening time is almost five seconds faster than any of its competitors, this unit is easy to use and maintain and the LSR-M2 is capable of detecting explosives and flammable substances in not only glass, plastic but aluminium and steel containers proving to be the next market leader and leaving its competitors behind which is why hundreds have been sold already.

Conformity: Type A and Type B of Standard 3 required by ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference)

Applications: Airports, Sea Ports, Train Stations, Exhibition Halls, Tourist Buildings, Museums, Embassies

Key Features: Automatic inspection of any type of container, Quickest inspection time on market, minimum installation space, no mechanical parts,

Minimum operator training required, easy to read high contrast display.

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Technical information
Dimensions: (L x Wx H)26cm × 25cm × 27cm (Exclude projections and AC adapter)
Weight:7.2kg (Exclude AC adapter)
Power Supply:DC12V 2.1A (from AC adapter)
Screening Time:1 - 4 seconds (Screening time differs according to the type of liquid and a container)
Object Size:Can:φ40㎜~φ70㎜ Bottle:W115mm max. (Hold the liquid portion over the sensors)
External Interface:High speed USB 2.0 interface: 1ch Output ports: Port 1, 2, 3 (for screening results)
Conformity Standards:ECAC-CEP : Type A and B, Standard 3 CE VCCI (CLASS-B)