CEIA PMD2 Plus - Walkthrough

PMD2 Plus, acronym for Programmable Metal Detector, is the most advanced CEIA application with an international patent of its own. It generates an electromagnetic scanning field for the detection of metallic weapons inside a monitored passage.

Thanks to this technology, the PMD2 Plus Metal Detector allows weapons to be accurately located on people in transit, considerably speeding up search operations.

A “height on person“ display actually indicates, by means of illuminated LED’s, the position of the weapon on the person. The location zones are not fixed, as in the case of Metal Detectors with multiple receiver-transmitter coils, but are variable and continuous so as to achieve optimum resolution.
Use of the PMD2 Plus ensures an extremely high level of discrimination of metal personal effects.

The PMD2 Plus can be supplied, on request, with two emergency batteries that automatically come into operation in the event of a power failure.



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