• CEIA HI-PE Multi Zone - Front View

The HI-PE Multi Zone is a high performance walk-through Metal Detector which exceeds all International Security Standards.

Three operating modes are available: Floating (standard): the location zones are not fixed, as in the case of Metal Detectors with multiple receiver-transmitter coils, but are variable and continuous so as to achieve optimum resolution; 8-Zones and 4-Zones: the alarm threshold can be adjusted individually for each zone. The panels are washable and they are equipped with shock absorbent edges to protect them against damages.

The HI-PE Multi Zone is manufactured using the most advanced electronics technology, conforming to ISO 9001 Quality Control Standard procedures.

The HI-PE Multi Zone AMD main features include:

  • Very High Speed of Detection
  • High Immunity to External Interferences
  • Direct Selection of the International Security Standards
  • High Reliability
  • Local or Remote Programming with Networking Capabilities


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