MOTOROLA GP340 Two Way Radio

  • Motorola GP340 Two Way Radio - Front View

The popular Motorola GP340 radio is an excellent and unobtrusive way of keeping the team in contact.

Streamlining operations with radio communication increases productivity and can form part of an organisation’s health and safety system which is particularly important for individuals who work alone or remote from the team.

In addition to the features of the GP320, the GP340 features 16 channels and Emergency Signalling which can be configured to send a help signal to a pre-defined person or group of people at a single push of the bright orange Emergency Button.


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Technical information
Intrinsic Safety Option:Factory Mutual approved when safety is not an option.
Weight:Weighing only 420 gms with the standard Nimh high-capacity battery means the radio is easy to carry without fatigue
Frequency:Vhf – 136-174 mhz 5 watt power Uhf – 403-474 mhz 4 watt power
Channel Scan: Allows activity on different channels to be monitored and answered
Board Expandibility:Voice storage board provides Distaphone features allowing storage and retrieval of recorded voice messages