HYTERA HYT PD365 Digital Two Way Radio

  • Hytera HYT PD36X Digital Management Radio - Front View
  • Hytera HYT PD36X Digital Management Radio - Side View
  • Hytera HYT PD36X Digital Management Radio - Side View

The Hytera PD36X makes a great digital two way because of its weight, easy to carry compact design and support for USB charging.

Hytera have done it again, they have listened to what most of our customers have asked for quite a while, a very small light weight radio with a digital screen which can operate in analogue and digital modes at the touch of a button which is why this makes a perfect management radio. 

  • Dual mode (analogue & digital)
  • 256 channels 16 zones
  • Digital voice call function
  • Digital text message function (pre-programmable message)
  • One touch call/text message


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Technical information
Frequency Range:UHF 400 - 470 Mhz
Power Output:1.5-3W
Channel Capacity:256 Channels
Number of Zones: 3
Operating Voltage:3.7V
Battery: 2000mAh (Li-Ion Battery)
Antenna Impedence:50 Ω
Dimensions (HxWxD):106 x 54 x 23 mm with standard battery, not including antenna
Weight: 160g160g