• Gilardoni FEP ME 640 X-ray Machine

The ideal solution for hand baggage and medium size parcel control. It combines state-of-the-art technology, reliability and durability, high quality images and new ergonomic and user-friendly interface.

Gilardoni single view FEP ME 640 and multiview FEP ME 640 AMX X-ray systems for carry on luggage which are specifically designed to be upgraded with dedicated modules for advanced threats detection. The inspection configuration allows in-line screening of bags with simultaneous detection  of bulky explosives in bags and liquid threats  in trays. The alarm display in the same graphic interface as the X-ray system reduces operator training time.

The software automatically controls in seconds multiple containers from 100ml up to 2 litre and discriminates between dangerous and safe liquids according to EU requirements.

Features include all of the following:

  •  In-line screening of multiple containers identifies prohibited liquids without opening containers
  • Visual alarms are displayed on X-ray system monitors
  • Single-pass liquid threats detection reduces the need for secondary processes
  • Easy upgrade of installed compatible Gilardoni systems
  • Automated decision support technology improves the consistency and accuracy of security across all checkpoints


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Technical information
Overall dimensions: (W x H x L)905mm (W) x 1255mm (H) x 2280mm (L)
Inspection tunnel size: (W x H) 606mm (W) x 405mm (H)
Conveyor belt height: 680mm (adjustable)
Belt speed:0.2m/s
Maximum bag weight:165kg
Power supply: Monophase 230VAC or 110VAC +/- 10%
Frequency:50/60Hz +/- 3Hz
Power absorption:≤ 1.5kVA
Duty cycle:100%
Operational temperatures:0°C – 40°C
Storage temperature:-20°C – +60°C
Humidity:95% without condensation
Noise level:< 60dB (A)