Detect PD6500i Archway Metal Detector

  • Detect PD6500i Archway Metal Detector

The PD6500i is currently our flag ship model of Archway Metal Detectors, with its 33 Zone detection system it can pinpoint with great accuracy where metal is detected on the body with LED lights on both panel legs, 20 standard security programs and 199 security levels which is why this unit extremely popular with the Police, Courts, Airports, Transport Hubs and approved by The Department of Transport, ECAC and TSA.

If that isn’t enough the PD6500i has Entry Pace lights to maximise throughput, an access control panel with security codes so that no unauthorised users can change internal settings and the ability to be networked for remote analytical monitoring.

Another popular feature of the PD6500i is the directional counter with four settings for people counting (forward, reverse, subtraction reverse and bi-directional)

Listed below are some of its main features:

  • Weather proofing – Meets IP55 standard
  • Target Pinpointing – 33 distinct zones are displayed on two columns of LEDs
  • Interference suppression – advanced analogue and digital filtering
  • Random Alarm Feature – 0-50%
  • Tamper Proof – key locked keypad




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Technical information
Dimensions: (L x Wx H)58cm x 90cm x 220cm
Shipping Weight:74kg
Total Assembled Weight: 64kg
Power:Fully automatic 100-240 VAC, 50 or 60 hertz, 55 watts
Battery Packs:Allows up to ten (10) hours of backup use. Charger included
Target Pinpointing:33 distinct zones are displayed on two columns of LEDs
Interference suppression:Advanced analogue and digital filtering as well as operator adjusted frequencies
Random Alarm Feature:0-50%
Weather proofing:Meets IP55 standard