DETECT HSU601 Archway Metal Detectors

  • Detect HSU601 Archway Metal Detectors
  • Detect HSU601 Archway Metal Detectors

The DETECT HSU601  walk-through metal detector can be used in many aspects of security screening and offers high detection performance: its VLF (very low frequency) technology is reliable at detecting all ferrous and nonferrous metal threats.

The high-speed detection circuit can check up to 60 people/min.

The DETECT HSU601 comes with 27 Zone, multi-zone detection fields, its sensitivity can be set in accordance with the relevant safety measures. In 9 clearly distinguishable detection zones, the position of a suspicious metal object is accurately displayed – using optical elements in the side panels (red LEDs) and on the electronic control box’s control panel.

The main features of the DETECT HSU601 include:

  • 27 Zone, Multi-Zone Detection
  • 10 sensitivity levels, each level programmable with a scale of 246 step increments
  • Interruption free Emergency Power supply (Approx. 4 hrs.)
  • Easy & Simple programming GUI
  • Compact and Reliable


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