CEIA PD140V Handheld Metal Detector

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  • CEIA PD140V Desktop Charger - Front View

The PD140 hand-held Metal Detector is a high-sensitivity device designed to detect magnetic and non-magnetic metal objects.

The applications include detection of weapons, detonators and other small metal parts on people or in packages, luggage or correspondence. It is available in two versions with standard sensitivity: PD140V and PD140VR (rechargeable model compatible with the BC140F battery charger).Both can be used with 9V dry or rechargeable (NiMH) batteries. An external inductive battery charger (BC140F) which can be used with the PD140VR model, a carrying case (V140), a test sample and a wrist-strap are also available.

The PD140V Handheld Security Metal Detector main features include:

  • High sensitivity
  • Detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metals
  • Optical, acoustic and vibration alarm signals
  • Very long battery life
  • Very high reliability


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