CEIA PD140N Handheld Weapon Detector

This is the latest version of the PD140N hand-held Metal Detector which is a substantial improvement on its predecessor "PD140VR" an Ultra high-sensitivite device designed to detect magnetic and non-magnetic metal objects with its improved design the 140N is shower proof, rechargeable and has a tone sensitive audio alert aswell as vibration and optical alerts.

Even the rechargeable battery life has been significantly improved with over 200 hours of usage in between charging time and this is also a digital programmable hand held metal weapon detector just like its other models. The applications include detection of weapons, detonators and other small metal parts on people or in packages, luggage or correspondence and ideal for use in the following applications : Airports, Prisons, Nuclear Facilities, Loss prevention, Public Events and Scholl security.

The PD140N Handheld Metal Detector main features include:

  • High sensitivity
  • Detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metals
  • Optical, acoustic and vibration alarm signals
  • Very long battery life
  • Very high reliability
  • Automatic calibration
  • Exclusive ergonomic shape

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