Adani Compass DV Body Scanner

  • Adani Compass DV Body Scanner
  • Adani Compass DV Body Scanner
  • Adani Compass DV Body Scanner

The Adani Compass DV Body Scanner is exclusively available from Detectnology (UK) Ltd only and for the sole purpose of supplying our country´s establishments with the undisputed and unrivalled people screening device that will combat against any/all illicit contraband and narcotic substances being illegally entered and facilitated within our prison estates.

Detectnology can supply both a single view and Duel View systems. The Adani Compass DV range of body scanners use the most advance screening technologies for today’s ever increasing security applications, capable of detecting items such items as weapons, drugs, communication & storage devices and much more. The Adani Compass DV Body Scanner uses transmission based X-Ray imaging in conjunction with patented software for unsurpassed image quality and peace of mind, the Adani Compass DV Body Scanner comes as standard with Dru-Guard software for automatic detection of Drugs.

These system are easy to use and with over 10yrs experience in manufacturing security screening systems with the highest level of imaging capability you can be rest assured that this product will perform 100% all time, The Adani Compass DV Body Scanner has been designed to be the most user friendly and intuitive on the market, coupled with its radically low dose, the Adani Compass DV Body Scanner is the perfect choice for people screening on the next level.


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Technical information
Overall Dimensions:2260mm x 2000mm x 2500mm
Scanning Speed:<7 seconds
Platform Capacity: 300kg
Image Display:24" 1080 LCD 19" 1080 LCD Touch screen optional
Image Enhancement:Automatic Optimisation, full color, inverse, edge enhancement, Zoom
X-Ray Dose Per Scan:Fully adjustable from 0.10µSv - 4.5µSv
Wire Resolution:38AWG Typical
Scanning Modes: 3 Independently configurable modes, on/off toggle of Duel View imaging (DV Model ONLY)
Software:Windows Compatible
Operating Temperature:0° - 45°C
Humidity:10% - 90% (Non-Condensing)
Power Supply:110-230VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.5 kVA
Additional Options:Network, Data input, Camera CCTV & Radiation protection