• ADANI BV5030CA Baggage & Parcel Screening X-Ray Inspection System
  • ADANI BV5030CA Baggage & Parcel Screening X-Ray Inspection System
  • ADANI BV5030CA Baggage & Parcel Screening X-Ray Inspection System

The BV 5030CA is the most compact ADANI's security solution, specially developed for security sensitive areas with limited space for placement of security equipment.

The BV 5030CA X-ray security system can be an ideal solution for the inspection of handbags, small parcel and baggage, mails, backpacks and personal belongings. The area of application of this tabletop X-ray machine is wide, because of its compact size and multi-functionality. The BV 5030CA baggage scanner can find its placement at hotels, critical infrastructure, administrative buildings, schools and universities, cruise ships, public events venues, airports, mail rooms and entrance halls.

BV 5030CA digital X-ray baggage scanner provides effective and high-precise automatic and semi-automatic non-intrusive inspection.

This X-ray machine can be supplied with or without a cart to stand on and can be easily relocated between locations. The unique touch screen software interface is designed to give the operator a simple operating process with optional threat detection assistance software. The BV 5030CA X-ray baggage inspection system marks different materials in different colors that dramatically simplifies the process of identification of suspicious items.

  • X-ray source operating at 100 kV
  • Material descrimination
  • Optional threat detection assistance software
  • Intuitive touch screen interface
  • Image archiving feature with on-board or networked data storage & multi-language support


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Technical information
Overall dimensions: (W x H x L)695mm x 710mm x 1250mm
Dimension of inspection tunnel : (W x H)532mm x 332mm
Scanning speed:0.22 ± 0.03m/s
Maximum distributed load on the conveyor belt:75kg
Detector type:Dual-energy
Steel penetration:14 mm
Detection capability:40 AWG
Number of colours:4
Anode voltage:100kV
Angle of radiation:77º
Cooling system:Oil bath
Operating temperature:+10º - +40ºC