Ceia PD140SVR High Sensitive Security Hand Held Metal Detector

  • Published on: 12 October 2012
  • By: Admin

The Ceia PD140SVR is probably the most sensitive in the world. Well we seem to think so and we aren't the only ones as this unit has been thoroughly tested by the UK's and Europe’s Governing bodies in this field of metal detection.

After years of research Ceia produced another gem to add to its ever expanding fleet of security walkthrough metal detectors, hand held metal detectors, ground search metal detectors, food and manufacturing metal detection and liquid detection.

Latest Security Mobile Archway Metal Detector - Knife Arch from Ceia

  • Published on: 10 October 2012
  • By: Admin

The latest release from Ceia is fully compliant with the new security standards for conventional and non-conventional weapons.

It has a very high throughput which enables the multi-zone target indication over the entire transmit area and the AMD also benefits from exceptional immunity to environmental interference. Like its predecessor the PMD3 is programmable by local keyboard, chip card and now an infrared remote controller. It shares the same network capabilities that most of the Ceia range has aswell as being water resistant, extremely robust, elegant and stable.

Security Search equipment for the 2012 Olympic Games

  • Published on: 16 July 2012
  • By: Admin

Walkthrough Metal Detectors & X Ray Baggage Screening

Detectnology have been supplying major sporting events such as the Grand National race meeting, The European Ryder Cups, The Open Golf Championships, A1 Grand Prix to mention a few for the past 20+ years and are pleased to be able to offer equipment such as Baggage X-Ray machines, Security walkthrough metal Detectors, Hand Held security wands for hire purposes to Olympic venues across the Country.