Vertex Standard VX231 - 446 Compact Licence Free Radio

  • Published on: 8 November 2012
  • By: Admin

Vertex are pleased to announce the release of their latest model to complement their fleet, The VX231 Licence free radio is just what the consumer ordered, Compact and rugged, lightweight, long battery life and clear loud audio.

Providing 500mw ERP of power for reliable two way communications within a 3km radius depending upon the terrain.

Eradicate interference and annoying breakthrough chatter from other stations on the same channels by choosing one of 50 CTCSS tones or from one of 104DCS sequences on one of the 8 programmed RF channels in the PMR446 allocated frequency range.

The FVP-36 voice encryption uses simple speech inversion techniques to keep your conversations private.

This radio is on special offer until the end of March (call for details) and the package includes portable radios with antenna, 1800 mah li-ion battery, li-ion desk top single charger, belt clip and instructions.