New Weapon/Metal Detection Product Launch

  • Published on: 1 November 2010
  • By: Admin

PMD3 Plus Elliptic Mobile

  • Ruggedised Enhanced Metal Detector for Mobile And Fixed Use
  • Fully compliant with the New Security Standards for Conventional and non-Conventional Weapons
  • Very High Throughput
  • Multi-Zone Target Indication over the entire transit area
  • Exceptional Immunity to Environmental Interface
  • Built-in Operational Functional Verification
  • Bluetooth Interface
  • Programmable by local keyboard, chip card or infrared remote controller
  • Networking capabilities
  • Water resistant
  • Transport case included



  • Compact Metal Detector
  • Detection of all magnetic and non-magnetic metal
  • Sensitivity adjustable over a wide range of values
  • High discrimination capability for adjacent targets
  • Automatic Compensation for mineralised and high natural metal content soil
  • Balanced, compact, lightweight design
  • Ease of operation with minimum training time required
  • Integrated battery charger