Drug Detection and Explosives Detection - Itemiser DX

  • Published on: 28 July 2014
  • By: Admin

Terrorist related deaths have increased by almost a third in the last 12 months according to the figures of (MSTD) and with the threat of international terrorism coming from a diverse range of sources including Al Qaida and its’s associated networks and the possibility of domestic terrorism coming from Northern Ireland, add to this the attempts of drug gangs importing quantities of high strength narcotics on to our streets it is surely time we put systems in place to combat this cycle of crime, in the UK alone we are guilty of not acting until a major incident has happened.

The Itemiser DX can help with detecting a broad range of explosives and narcotics that meet current market threats; this desk top unit detects negative and positive ions from a wipe of a surface and takes just 8 seconds to analyse.

This technology is already being used in most airports across the world as an alternative to archway metal detectors and x ray baggage machines that might not detect certain threats but is it time the ports, train stations and border crosses all integrate this in to their search procedures?

We have limited supply of ex Olympic hire stock which has only been used for six weeks but it will supplied as new with six months manufacturer’s warranty and at the third of the original retail price so an ideal time to have alternative search procedure put it to place.