Digital Two Way Radios

  • Published on: 21 February 2014
  • By: Admin

Following on from the announcement that the following Motorola radios will cease to be manufactured from August this year.

  • Motorola GP344
  • Motorola GP388
  • Motorola GP344R
  • Motorola GP388R

And the following radios will cease to be manufactured from February next year:

  • Motorola CP040
  • Motorola CM140
  • Motorola CM160
  • Motorola CM340
  • Motorola CM360
  • Motorola GP344
  • Motorola GP388
  • Motorola GP330

Don’t let this stop you from purchasing any of these models as parts and accessories will be available for at least five years but the digital age is now been forced upon us, which will bring new technology, crystal clear conversations, longer battery life and much more!

Hytera PD505

However this might seem a bit daunting for some of the old school amongst us, it felt like the day we all had to purchase free view boxes to watch tv, we like simplicity, a choice of functions that suit our needs and a robust unit that can take a bit of punishment, well I am glad to say that this is still the case with two entry level digital two way radios, the Motorola DP1400 (see radio section) is the direct replacement for the CP040 as it uses the same battery packs, chargers and mic & earpieces so this radio can work side by side with your current CP040 if you cannot afford to upgrade them all in one go and the latest digital entry level radio is the Hytera PD505 which also uses the same mic & earpieces as the Motorola range which you might find a bit strange but don’t.  Hytera are actually designed by former Motorola designers, a very well built unit if I may say so myself just like the rest of the Hytera radio fleet, well proportioned, solid to the touch and as reliable as a Motorola model.


  • 32 Channels
  • Battery life - 11 hours analogue, 16 hours digital
  • Dimensions - 115mm x 54mm x 27mm
  • Dust and waterproof - IP54 Standard
  • Please see the pdf attached and call us for more info