Detectnology Save The Day

  • Published on: 10 October 2013
  • By: Admin

A desperate phone call from a member of the public and the quick thinking of our staff, plus a state of the art CEIA CMD - High Performance Compact Deep Ground Search Metal Detector made for a happy ending for a family on holiday in Cornwall.

This is a letter from our client that tells the whole story …

On 10 Jul 13 my wife went to the beach in Cornwall with our son & daughter. My wife doesn't like sun cream in between her fingers and her rings and decided to take her wedding and engagement rings off before applying sun cream. She placed them in the small pocket of the windbreak and then left them there for the rest of the day.

At the end of the day my wife started to clear everything away and forgetting that the rings were still in the windbreak she shook it vigorously to remove all of the sand. It wasn't until 7pm that evening that realised she didn't have hers rings on and that they had probably been lost at the beach. She went down to beach immediately and searched for them for over an hour before the sun started to set. Having to stop because of a lack of light my wife made the two hour journey home and was heartbroken.

After a day or so both my wife and I decided that we should revisit the beach and have one last attempt at finding the rings. We knew we would need something to help us and thought about using a metal detector. We did some initial research and we decided that we needed something better than your average metal detector. It was then we came across your company Detectnology and I spoke to you about our requirements.

Despite my own military experience metal detection was not something I had done before; however you were sure that I could operate the CEIA CMD - High Performance Compact Deep Ground Search Metal Detector. The CEIA CMD was on its way just a couple of hours after making my first enquiry and I hadn't even sent payment through!!! It arrived the following day and my family and I set off for the beach. We weren't very confident about finding the rings but we wanted peace of mind in that we had exhausted every option.

Once we got there we were both daunted by the task ahead. The beach seemed to be larger than my wife had remembered and it was full of families enjoying the sunny weather. Within two hours both rings had been found. The CEIA CMD was easy to use and pinpointed the exact location of each ring. A few tent pegs had given us false excitement but in hindsight the whole process was quite easy and strangely enjoyable. Finding the two rings was incredibly emotional (possibly more than our wedding day) and with our two children watching it was a special moment for us all.

I would just like to send you our sincere thanks and gratitude for what you have done. Not only your professional attitude and efficiency but also your adaptability coupled with some old school values. I know that hiring out equipment to a one off hire is not your routine business but you seemed determined to help us with our cause and even sent the metal detector before payment had reached you.

What you did played an integral part in finding the rings. Without your help we would never be able to watch our wedding DVD in the same light or look at the photographs in same way.

Thank you.

P. Curry