CELLSENSE Mobile Phone & Illicit Contraband Detector

  • Published on: 29 January 2017
  • By: Admin

Mobile Phones & Illicit Contraband Detection : We are proud to announce our exclusive distribution and affiliation with the world´s leading Mobile Phone Detector, namely ´Cellsense´, to which we have had the privilege in supplying to all HM Prison estates throughout the country. ´Cellsense´ implementation has contributed to the reduction in illegal and illicit contraband being found within correctional establishments and continues to be renowned as being an integral piece of equipment in the eradication of unauthorised use of mobile phones within the country´s HMPS.

The Cellsense portable security pole is an entirely passive unit that is the most effective mobile phone detector currently on the market, capable of detecting mobile phones which are switched off or broken down in to smaller parts.

The Cellsense pole detected small mobile phones that had been digested so there is no health and safety concerns when scanning overtly or covertly, the Cellsense has no effect on pacemakers and is harmless to pregnant women.

The Cellsense Pole is ferromagnetic detection system so it will not false alarm on silver coins or other non ferrous metallic objects. The unique design means that it can be deployed very quickly as a freestanding portable unit or as a wall mounted unit, with its rechargeable internal battery packs the Cellsense Pole does not need to be plugged into power sockets.

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