Ceia SMD601 Loss Prevention System & Archway Metal Detector

  • Published on: 21 December 2012
  • By: Admin

Probably the most effective system on the market!

We are pleased to inform you that the above mentioned Ceia SMD601 Loss Prevention system will be on show at the (HOSDB) Security and Policing Exhibition 2012 at the Five Venue at Farnborough between Jan 31st and Feb 2nd 2012 (K29, Ceia and Detectnology stand).

The Superior uniformity of the electromagnetic field of the SMD601 metal detector provides very consistent metal detection readings on every transit of an individual which may be wearing non-removable items like prosthetics, wedding rings, piercings etc.

This unique feature of the SMD601 and results in the creation of a true metal content profile for the person being screened. Each transit is compared with the individual's profile stored in the database, any significant difference to previous transits are highlight by the software.

The system is comprised of one SMD601 connected to the network through a Ceia Card reader column that manages either one or two readers (for bidirectional screening). The CRC can be interfaced to your existing card reader and each system includes an IP camera to capture a photo of each transit this is then connected to a centralized server containing the Ceia Access Control Software and database over an encrypted channel or local corporate network.