Ceia SAMD Shoe Analyser, Airport Security

  • Published on: 1 December 2012
  • By: Admin

The CEIA SAMD shoe analyser is designed to allow increased throughput through search areas by greatly reducing the need to have patrons remove shoes and subject them to a separate scan.

It acts as a standalone device which when indicated by the primary scanner can be used to eliminate non threat indications, ensuring that lines move swiftly and smoothly whilst still maintaining a high standard of security.

The device uses a clear interface and simple design to ensure it is intuitive to use and operate, making sure that anyone who needs to use it will be quickly able to understand it. By reducing congestion and time spent at the search area not only does the SAMD reduce perceived stress and inconvenience people report when faced with search areas, but it also means that any cultural issues around the removal of shoes or exposing of feet are circumvented.

The SAMD acts as a holistic addition to a security regime, ensuring that speed of transit through the search area is high, without compromising on the security that the search area provides.

You will be able to see this machine, alongside a number of other high security devices, in operation at stand K29 the Policing and Security Exhibition (previously HOSDB) in Farnborough.