CEIA PD240 Hand Held Security Metal Detector

  • Published on: 17 February 2014
  • By: Admin

Detectnology are pleased to announce the latest high sensitive hand held metal detector “The Ceia PD240” which is far superior to its predecessor the much acclaimed PD140SVR.

The Ceia PD240 has a 10cm larger search area with high immunity to floor rebars which allows lower body screening without sensitivity reduction, it also boasts pitch sensitive audio to help pin point detection.

Fully programmable to NIJ-0602.02 standards (only model on the market) ensures the model stands head and shoulders above any of the competition due to its new digital design, consistent performance and calibration free operation.

Ceia have installed long life rechargeable batteries that are capable of five hours usage off just a ten minute charge and a full charge is capable of up to 200 hours so surely this unit is a must have piece of kit for the security professional.

Detectnology have one of the first batches in the country so contact us now for more info, a demonstration or even a loan unit if you’re looking at multiple numbers.