Body Cameras For The Eductation Sectors

  • Published on: 3 March 2017
  • By: Admin

Following on from the news last week reference the fact that schools are wanting to trial body worn camera systems for the teaching staff as a survey revealed that “Two-thirds of teachers would feel safer in the classroom if they were wearing a body camera, a TES survey reveals” and ”More than a third – 37.7 per cent – of teachers questioned by TES said that they would wear a body camera in school. And two thirds – 66.4 per cent – of teachers said that they would feel safer in the classroom if they knew that there was a camera recording everything.”

A teacher and columnist for TES was also quoted as saying “I’ve witnessed countless physical assaults as a teacher, and have been physically assaulted while teaching on a number of occasions. I’m unsure that a bodycam would have acted as a deterrent, but it would have been an easy way to evidence those assaults.”

Detectnology have been at the forefront of this type of technology for many years now (16 years to be precise) we were one of the original companies to design and sell these products to the security sector as a deterrent for anti social behaviour in nightclubs and bars, this was such a success that the Police, traffic wardens and the rest of the blue light brigade soon followed suit.

Detectnology have two models of body worn camera that could work very well in the school scenario so we would also like to offer trials/loan periods for schools to test this type of equipment for themselves, bodycameras can be used in two different ways, firstly they can be switched on at the beginning of the day and asked to record all lessons and free time or you can just press record as and when to capture situations when they arise.

For more information or to speak to us about a free of charge loan please feel free to get in touch today.