Body Camera S3 Evidence Camera

  • Published on: 23 August 2016
  • By: Admin

Detectnology are pleased to add a new body camera to its expanding product range, the very competitively priced "S3 Evidence Cam" which has been a revelation since we started testing the unit over two months ago and after receiving feedback from everyone that has trialled the unit we thought it was time to promote the S3.

Its compact and rugged, lightweight & very easy to use, there’s no need for expensive software licenses as this unit downloads its footage in seconds through its coded USB lead.   Ideal for night time usage as it comes equipped with an automatic low light infrared leds that will detect if the natural light is too dark to record good quality footage and then switch over to night vision which has a recording distance of up to 10 metres.

Full HD recordings are available and after a full charge the S3 will record for 7.5 hours continuously which is longer than all of its rivals, the S3 also boasts a 12 hour standby time, all of these features really make this unit stand out from the crowd for a fantastic low price.


  • Camera lens - 8 meg
  • IP rating - IP54
  • Internal Memory - 16gb
  • Operating Temp - -30 degrees / +60 degrees
  • TFT LCD display - 2"
  • Dimensions - 96mm x 55mm x 30mm x 150g
  • Recording speed - 15/25/30/60 f/s
  • Video Resolution - 1080p