EVOLV Edge Threat Detection System

Evolv Edge Threat Detection System

Evolv’s EdgeTM is the first system purpose-built to screen people for mass casualty threats while they pass through at walking speed. It is designed for a wide range of deployment scenarios with intuitive directions for the visitor and automated detection results for the security officer.

Edge is ideal for high throughput environments with very limited divestment of personal items. The configuration is flexible and relocatable, allowing for deployments in many different locations and access points using different operational approaches.

The Evolv Edge™ Threat Detection System features include:

  • Electro Optical Camera
  • Positive ID of Individual who Alarmed
  • Facial Recognition, Known Wolf Detection
  • Active Millimeter Wave
  • Concealed Threat detection
  • 26-30 GHz, solid state
  • Video frame rates for walk through screening
  • H Field Sensors
  • Concealed Threat detection
  • Adjustable Settings

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