ADANI BV M.A.X X-Ray Screening System

Adani BV M.A.X

The BV M.A.X. is a compact mobile conveyor type X-ray screening system for fast, effective and contact-free inspection of mattresses and inmates’ personal property.

Due to the compact design and special wheels the BV M.A.X. can be easily relocated and deployed wherever security inspection is needed. The BV M.A.X. will fit through standard interior doorways.

This movable and highly versatile tool is the first system designed specifically to address the problem of contraband hidden in mattresses. It can be brought directly to cell blocks or dormitories to greately assist the inspection process. It is created to eliminate the need to fold mattresses to fit into conventional X-ray inspection systems.

The BV M.A.X. has also a standard baggage scanner functionality to inspect mail and personal property.