Hytera Digital Radios

  • Published on: 28 July 2017
  • By: Sales

Case Study

A long term customer of ours and a large reputable hotel and golf complex has been using analogue Motorola two way radios and two analogue base stations for the last sixteen years, this gave them two long range channels for their greenkeepers and security department to cover the entire complex and they had 2/3 analogue back to back channels for individual departments to communicate.

We have now upgraded their analogue equipment for Hytera Digital Migration radio equipment which included the cost effective PD405, PD505 & PD565 keypad radio a long side two digital Hytera RD625 base stations,  this set up now gives them four digital long range channels capable of covering the entire complex and three analogue back to back channels for smaller departments which has greatly improved onsite comms for seven seperate departments especially with the PD565 keypad radios as they can call up individual radios for one to one conversations as well as the group calls.

The sound quality has improved greatly, the handsets are smaller and lighter than the previous range and they now have a feature which doesn't allow for lost or interupted messages.

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